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The Problem

OBH approached us with a pressing issue: a severely limited online presence. This absence from the digital landscape posed a dual challenge. Firstly, it greatly restricted their ability to reach potential clients, putting a significant dent in their growth prospects. Secondly, the scant online presence they did have projected an unprofessional image that didn’t align with their expertise and commitment to excellence. In a world where first impressions often happen online, this was a critical hurdle they needed to overcome.

The Solution

We embarked on a comprehensive solution, with the cornerstone being the creation of a brand-new website, tailor-made to address their specific needs. Our strategic approach centred on the development of a navy-themed website, carefully designed to exude corporate professionalism and gravitas. This was not just a cosmetic makeover; it was a strategic pivot towards a more refined online identity. By delivering a complete website build with this polished navy theme, our goal was to empower OBH Partners with a potent tool for establishing a credible online presence and expanding their reach in the digital realm.

Key Features

  • Clean, professional, Sleek design
  • Primary corporate colours of navy & white, paired with images for captivating visual components.
  • Strategy and planning sessions to determine optimal user experience and navigation
  • Customised theme with the ability to easily manage the website
  • Responsive layout optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

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