The Problem

Anita from Vurv Health Clinic was expanding her services, needing a website for an energy frequency scan. She needed a website presence to promote and market her service, with requirements of a clean, aesthetic and simple design to funnel clients to the right scan.

The Solution

We created a simple 5 page website, showcasing the available scans, followed by Anita’s personal recommendations. This page was crucial, providing context to new customers who are unaware of what they need. We chose calming naturopathic themes of the ocean and paired it with the traditional colour of the Vurv website, orange.

Key Features

  • Clean, minimalistic, calming design
  • Primary colours of white and orange, paired with images for captivating visual components.
  • Strategy and planning sessions to determine optimal user experience and navigation
  • Customised WordPress theme with the ability to easily manage the website
  • Responsive layout optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

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